March 13, 2018

What to look for when viewing student properties?

As you guys are going crazy just now to view HMO properties – here’s our handy hints and tips on what to ask and what to find out when viewing properties. It can all be very exciting but make sure you find out what you need to know before you go looking…

1. Who is your point of contact if something goes wrong? Us – K Letting! When you move in, you’ll be given a guide about the property and some other useful information. Please make sure you save our number in your phone to you can call quickly should you need to. We also have an emergency 24 hour mobile number which again, will be in your move in pack. You can report all of your maintenance issues on our website too so please make a favourite in your web browser!

2. What expenses are included, and what is extra? Most of our properties are rent only, which means they don’t include your usual gas and electricity bills, broadband or anything on top. Please make sure you factor all of those in to your budget. Our Student Accommodation block Cruachan House includes all bills within your rent so nothing more to pay there…

3. How much is the deposit and when does it have to be in? The deposit will always be displayed within your Viewing Sheet – please make sure you take note of that. We will ask for a part deposit to secure the property, and then the remainder due on or before you move in. The whole amount of the deposit will be lodged with Safe Deposit Scotland and will be returned at the end of the tenancy, provided there are no arrears and no requirements for cleaning or maintenance etc.

4. Can you see a copy of the contract you’ll have to sign? By law, letting agents in Scotland now have to issue the new PRT (Private Residential Tenancy) and we can of course send you a copy of that so you know what you will be asked to sign. Our tenancy agreements are emailed out and you will be asked to sign electronically. Before you can see your actual tenancy agreement, you will be asked to complete a Tenant Application Form – which you can complete on our website at Simples..

5. What will you need to do when you leave in order to get your full deposit back? We will sent you a handy move out sheet which details everything that should be done ie cleaning all surfaces, paint over any marks on the wall etc. We will use the move in inventory when you move out, so it’s always best to ensure you complete and return that inventory with your own comments.

6. How much does it cost to replace a lost key? We hold a spare set of management keys for our properties so if you’re locked out during office hours, you can collect the management set of keys to get you back in to the property. After hours we may charge a call out charge for a contractor to bring the management keys to you. The most common lock out is when you leave your bedroom and the door closes behind you – it’s for that very reason that we always recommend copying your bedroom door key when you move in and hide it somewhere else in the flat. If you have allocated kitchen cupboards then perhaps hide your key in there – this will avoid any call out charges etc! *handy hint*

7. How long does it take to get to the university? This is a really good question, as it will affect your day to day life. If it’s not within walking distance then find out what the public transport is like, and, if you need to take a bus, whether you can use your student card for discount? If this will cost extra, consider this when reviewing your budget.

8. What are the local amenities like? Where is the nearest supermarket and train station? Are there any pubs, bars or restaurants nearby? Take a look around the area both during the day and in the evening to see what you can find and really get a feel for what it would be like to live there. Most importantly – is the area safe? You can check out the local area, nearest bus stops, and internet speed here – all you need is the postcode for the property!

9. Can you talk to any current tenants? Sometimes tenants are in the property at the time of your viewing and we would always recommend asking them how they find the flat, what are the neighbours like (and maybe even what the gas and electricity bills are?)

10. How do we secure the property? The most important one – our HMOs go SO quickly so make sure you know how to secure the property! All of this will be on your Viewing Sheet so make sure you read that, but just to confirm ‘If you are interested in reserving this property, please email directly to our office at with confirmation of move in date. Please note that our properties are not let on a ‘first come, first serve’ basis. All notes of interest are referred to the landlord and a decision is made by them, many times the successful party is chosen completely at random.’

Good luck with your property viewings!! If you need to know more, email us at 🙂

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